“My Dad Looks Like My Gramps, But His Heart Is All Her…”

I know that my grandpas birthday is coming up, but he wouldn’t have been him without my grandma. This is all about her, and he would have it this way too: 

IMG_7226This time of year always reminds me of my grandma.. It’s probably because we always made it a point to see her often around the holidays. Especially after grandpa passed away. She looked great in red, but I remember her in blue the most. I remember walking into her senior home and knocking on her
door, waiting just a couple seconds as she walked to the door. She loved visitors. She always played host so well, always something to offer. Mostly stuff that wasn’t good for you, little candies and goodies. I remember going to see her and knowing I was going to be there for a couple hours, if not, between shifts. She didn’t care how long I was there just as long as I came to visit her. The tv was always on for background noise and she always had some type of plant to keep it homey. I miss her everyday, I know she is watching me as I raise my daughter. I’m sad that she wasn’t able to meet
Chloe in front of me, but I know before God gave me Chloe: they met in IMG_6926heaven. She knew I was going to get pregnant before I did. She had told one of my aunts and another family member that I was with child before I actually was. But she knew. I saw her almost everyday before she passed. Her and I both knew her time was almost up and having her as my last grandparent, I needed to take advantage of that. She always told me not to worry and she would be in a better place. She told me to be happy and that she loved me. I would look into her eyes and I could see her heart smiling. I hated leaving everyday knowing she would just sit there with her thoughts. She loved to talk. She loved to talk about what she had thought about all day, what she did that day, what other people did that day and any gossip in the nursing home.. I still remember the day I found out she passed away and joined the army of angels.. I was at my old job and had a phone call, I could hear it in their voice… Something was wrong. I knew it was her. Obviously, I left work and went straight home to my family.. This time of year is hard now. I can’t just go visit her like I would. But I believe when you think about someone who has passed they are in your presence.

When I would go with my dad to see her, I saw a kid. Her baby boy. He looks like gramps, no doubt.. But his heart, thats all her. I am proud to be in this family.

IMG_4731 IMG_6946


2 thoughts on ““My Dad Looks Like My Gramps, But His Heart Is All Her…”

  1. Arlene DePietro says:

    I was just reading these articles and enjoyed reminiscing about Mom, especially since tomorrow is the anniversary of her death. You captured her spirit so well, she was such a loving soul and always loved company.
    Thanks for keeping her memory alive in our hearts.
    Love, Arlene


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