two -> three

IMG_2232Sooooo I had written a whole blog about her second month of life… But this stupid thing didn’t save it, so instead or trying to recreate it, I’m just gonna mash two months together… less reading too. lets be real, who likes to read that much anyway?!

These past two months have been some sort of crazy. She is literally changing IMG_2247overnight. She will be so close to accomplishing something and the next morning its like she practiced in her dreams. She is now eating her hands more than anything, she’s still obsessed with her chucho (pacifier)  but she is so infatuated with her hands. She recently found them and knows that they are connected to her. I had never really appreciated my hands all that much, even though I use them everyday… After watching how happy she was with her “new” hands, I found a new appreciation for mine. She is teaching me things everyday too. I’ll think all my patience has run out then she reminds me that this an all day job, so I might as well make the best of it. She is growing into a little human right before my eyes. I sometimes miss the days when all she was do IMG_2302was sleep the day away and I could just do whatever I want, but I love watching her grow and discover new things.

We have been part of a “mommy group” consisting of a couple of my friends and their children. Its so nice to have people who know what you are talking about. And they’re all around my age. Of course Chlo is the youngest, but thats okay, I was always the “baby” of my friends too. The kids are all so young that they can’t do much buIMG_2336t we enjoy talking, sharing and venting about the duties of being mothers. I think when you tell people who don’t have kids about your responsibilities of being a parent, you paint them a picture that makes them look at parenthood as a bad thing. It really isn’t, but sometimes you are so overwhelmed that you need to explain or vent about situations to people who understand what you are saying. I don’t love my baby any less because I get frustrated at my tasks as a parent. Im only human. Its natural. This is an all day, everyday job. Theres no weekend or summer vaycay. I chose to keep her and being her mother is the best job I’ve ever had. I am so privileged. Not every one gets this wonderful gift, and yes, I may be younger than I expected to become a mother, but I will get more time with her hopefully. I got to meet her sooner than I expected but it was the best gift I’ve ever received. Everyday she reassures me I made the right decision. Her smile can brighten anyones day and I know she loves me without having to tell me. She is my best friend.

IMG_3040 She has upped her sleeping from 6 hours to a whole 10 hours at night. I can’t explain how great it feels after months of sleep training. I read this book called “On Becoming Baby Wise: Give Your Infant The Gift Of Sleep”. Best book I have ever read. It worked wonders on my little human.She was sleeping the full night through by 6 weeks on the date. She wasn’t always like this. She was a night owl… But no longer is that an issue. She is a much better sleeper than a lot of babies I know. Everyone says she’s an easy baby, and she really is, but she has her days.

She has had her first fathers day, at a rodeo. We went with Erick and his family. She slept most of theIMG_3031 time, even with our seats right next to the announcer and singers. She has had her first fourth of July. We went to the Marin County Fair.. There were some interesting people. I’ll probably talk more about that in another blog, just some things I saw. She loved the fireworks though, she was so fascinated with them. No tears from my baby. We went swimming for her first time last week. She didn’t even cry when her feet touched the water. Her suit was getting too small because we bought it during the last heat wave, last month and no longer fits her. Her first and last time wearing that suit.

IMG_3197All in all, these past two months have been nothing short of amazing. I love every second with my daughter. She is my life and now that I have her: I don’t know what I would do without her. I can’t imagine what I would be doing now, if I wasn’t a mommy. Probably smoking, and still partying and not really going any where in life, no purpose. Im so glad that I changed my life, especially for her.

I can’t believe that my baby will be four months soon.

Its all happening so fast, but Im loving every second of it with her.