That first month..

The first month of my daughters life has already flown by like nothing. I feel like I just brought her home a week or two ago but it has been a whole month right before my eyes. Today she is 5 weeks and I must say they have been the hardest weeks of IMG_1498my life, by far. They are rewarding in many ways and I am so in love and obsessed with her but it is not an easy job being a parent. I can’t imagine my life without her now that she has come into mine, and am so thankful she is healthy and so so beautiful. But the 3AM feedings are not my favorite and when she is changed, fed and not tired.. its hard to figure out why she is crying. I think she just likes to exercise her lungs…

IMG_1430_2She has taught me so much already, more than she or anyone knows. She has taught me patience, unconditional love, and that it is okay to cry when I have only gotten 5 hours of sleep total in 48 hours.. They say to sleep when baby sleeps but its almost impossible for me between checking to see if she’s breathing, trying to pump breastmilk, and keeping up with my chores. She needs a diaper change more than I imagined and loves to gulp down the milk. She gets drunk at almost every meal.

Drs and some books tell you to feed your newborn every three hours.. its a little crazy to me to IMG_1380wake a sleeping baby when their form of communication is to cry when they need something. I fed every three hours up until about two weeks ago. Ive been letting her tell me when she is hungry and it is almost every three hours anyway, give or take thirty minutes. She has her own schedule and if she is sleepy, I’m not going to deprive her of that. We all need it and there is no need for us both to be grumpy and crying because we got woken up. I want to get her sleeping through the night at 8 weeks but so far she has a different schedule everyday. She likes to throw me for curve balls every now and then.