My fur baby

Olive is about 6 years old and I’ve had her since she was 2 weeks old. It all started when my friend, Chris’ cat was having babies. Me and one of my best friends, Michala went over to hangout one day with him and had no intentions on taking one home.. Michala picked up one of the kittens out of the Photo on 2012-06-04 at 00.51cardboard box and it was a fluffy little ball of cuteness. It was honestly love at first sight. She was the only black cat out of the bunch… I think the fact she was different and unique, compared to the rest of the litter, made me love her more. She was the oddball in the bunch. I went home and told my dad “I HAD TO HAVE HER!” He talked it over with, who at the time was to be my future stepmom, and she convinced him pets make a house, a home. He told me all the responsibilities it took to raise a kitten and everything I had to do if she was going to be MY cat. At this time I was only 14 and wasn’t the most responsible kid. But I knew I had to grow up at some point and thought this would be the perfect challenge..
My sister and I went to Chris’ house later that week. I saw my beauty and was so happy I was finally going to take her home. My sister was caught up in all the excitement, she took one home too. Her cat came from another litter. They had two momma cats and one daddy cat. He got down with the get down… Any who they ended up with two litters, two weeks apart. My sister got an orange cat from the younger litter. At first we thought it was a girl, and she named her Tiger Lilly. We later found out it was a boy, and shortened it to Tiger. We took them both back to my dads house and tried to get my cat aware with her surroundings. The key word being tried… My dad had even made the dinning room into a kitten house, It was awesome. He put up a wall and set up her bed, litter box, toys, food and water. Made everything cozy.. She was still NOT a happy camper. She ran under the china cupboard right out of the gate. Then she scratched my sister when she tried to get her. She was hissing and IMG_1963meowing mean meows at us… I let her sleep it  off and get used to the room itself before I bombarded her   with my presence. The next day, she was still upset. I felt  bad, like I had taken her from her family. That night I  could hear her little cries but when I tried to console her,  she would hiss at me and hide. I was not going to have this  distance anymore. I wanted her to love me as much as I  loved her crazy ass already.. I took all her stuff to my room  and set up camp. Next I blocked off all the places she escape from me.. I locked myself in my room for the weekend so I didn’t have to be interrupted by school. Over the two and a half days we bonded. We played, she would scratch and bite me but not hard enough to hurt.  Although, she still wouldn’t sleep with me in bed, she was cute nonetheless.
The two weeks was up with my dad, and it was time to pack my bags to head to my moms house.. I had just gotten my kitten and didn’t want to leave her. I cried to my mom about how we had just gotten so close and I didn’t want her to forget who I was over two weeks… But my mom said no, her boyfriend was allergic to cats… I showed up at my moms house and gave her the silent treatment.. I was so angry she was going keep me from my new pet. She eventually caved because she couldn’t take my teenage attitude. We didn’t tell her boyfriend and he never wondered why I constantly had myIMG_7188 door shut for the next couple of days… But my kitten was hiding in my other room.. Since we had spent so muchtime in my room at my dads house, she was only used to me in this strange place.. I was on the computer late one of the nights and she came up on my pillow and curled into a ball, and my heart melted for the first time. Im glad I took her to my moms because I think it was a chance for her to finally see that I was going to be there for her no matter where we were. Even if our surroundings changed, I wouldn’t
I only spent the weekend at my moms house because her boyfriend eventually found out and I knew she belonged at home, at my dads house. I spent the next two or three weeks at my dads but I still would go over to my moms for dinner and hangout after school, just slept at my dads. Thats basically how our bond started, when we went back to my dads she slept with me in bed, and to this day.
Today, she wakes me up by sitting on my face, licking my eyelids and stepping on my chest. She greets me at the door everyday, meowing with excitement. She hisses at my brother every time is about to step into my room, like a guard cat. She is getting fat and has grey hair. People say she’s a bitch of a cat, but when it boils down to it, she’s my cat and she lets me do what ever I want to her. Thats the way I like it. You wouldn’t let some stranger man handle you.. She is smart, she is cute, she will always be my furbaby kitten and I will always be her mommy.IMG_4236