My King…

He is unselfish, kindhearted, sympathetic, and whimsical; He is my father.

You can ask anyone who knows him, he is hilarious! My dad is the funniest person I know, I think thats where I get my sense of humor.  He laughs at all my jokes and thinks sarcasm is as comical as I do. He is so selfless and concerned with others. It has taught me that other people have it worse and we should do what we can to help. He has taught me more than I even know and  I couldn’t imagine my life without him.. He has been there for me at my best and my worst. When my heart was broken for the first time, my dad was there to console me. And I wouldn’t trade camping for two weeks in the redwoods every summer for anything either; Some years better than others but all wonderful memories.. My dad is someone i cannot live without, I have to talk to him everyday or I feel weird. I get all my best advice from him. He has always supported me when I believe something and let me run with it.

IMG_6458I remember when I was around 12 years old I saw this add on Nickelodeon for auditions about a half hour away. My sister and her friend had just gotten home in time for my news, I was planning oncalling and setting up and audition. The fact they were on board made it seem like the much more of a brilliant idea. All they asked for was to show up at a certain time and bring in a full body shot, a close up of my face and a parent. My audition was set, two weeks from that day. When dad got home I told him my exciting news! It was so simple to get the first audition that I thought the rest of it would be a breeze. “Its not that easy, sam.” was all dad could say. It felt like he was raining on my parade. But nonetheless dad took off work and woke me up bright and early for my audition. He was with me every step of the way. He even went in with me to the interview before we got tapped, and he only had good things to say. “She was the lead in the play last Christmas at her school…” “She has an amazing voice…” “She’s one of a kind, my little girl…” basically what all parents would say about their kids. I didn’t get the part, obviously. But it doesn’t matter that i’m not some childhood star or that we’re not rich and famous now… what matters it that we’re a family and who knows if I did turn out to be famous I’d be so busy I might not have this wonderful relationship with him…
Growing up, he always made sure we had fun but always learned a lesson or two.. Life is short but he IMG_6382was always a kid, even to this day he jokes around all the time. We would always go to the park or have a picnic. He taught me to enjoy nature, its free… He loves to play cards, and just hangout. He’s a simple man really, it doesn’t take a lot to make him smile. He finds joy in the little things.. Like bike rides, and playing bocce ball. He’s the worlds best host and loves to cook. All my friends grew up on his food. They’d always ask me what my gourmet-chef-dad is making for dinner that night. Speaking of friends, he was always really good with them. A lot of parents look at a single dad and wouldn’t let their child stay over because there is no mother figure around.. That wasn’t the case, all my friends parents trusted my dad, he has this genuine-ness about him. I trust him with everything and anything. He would always drop and pick my friends and I up when their parents were feeling lazy.. He remembered where the all lived too so I didn’t have to describe it to him EVERY TIME. He even let me throw a birthday party for one of my friends when she turned 13… Can you imagine? A single father hosting a party for 8 girls to sleepover… INSANE! He is truly the best, and I know this because people tell me all the time..
P.S. Im sure you’ll hear more about him later, he’s my favorite